Indriya Networks is a leader in Asset Management System. Indriya Networks solutions use GPS-based position information and RFID to provide complete asset tracking and monitoring. Indriya Networks solutions are used by customers worldwide, in manufacturing, logistics and other industries, to automate business processes and deliver location-aware applications. Our leading technology has brought Indriya Networks solution to the forefront of rapidly expanding asset tracking marketplace.

Indriya Networks (IndNet) Service Manager, is an innovative tablet based productivity improvement tool to serve the Services Industry. It is based on Indriya Networks proven Mobile Asset management system. It uses precise GPS based position information to locate your asset and data network to reliably communicate with it. A reliable, low cost system, it delivers real-time information to and from your service fleet. An intuitive GUI provides location, history and notifications of pre-defined alarms

Our Integrated Services Include

  • Electronic form entry system: Generate custom forms for a single instance data entry
  • Photo logging: Ability to capture photos/videos to document problems or completed service
  • Automated Manifests: Generate optimal route based on jobs and avaialble resources to complete them
  • Fleet Monitoring: Enchances Security and compliance to business practices such as speed limits, geo fencing to prevent non-authorized use, fuel economy, and route optimization
  • Scheduling service:IndNet time manager allows an office manager to schedule service appointments
  • RFID/NFC Badges: Automation of time sheets and streamlining customer data entry

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